Neosporin and Angular Cheilitis

If you are suffering from dry, cracked, flaking lips you may be wondering if neosporin for angular cheilitis is an effective treatment. The answer to this question is not cut and dry.

Depending on where you are in the healing stages, neosporin may work for some cases and may not work for others.

Similarly, the treatment that will work for one sufferer of this oral condition may not work for another due to the fact that there are different causes.

Will Neosporin Work if You Have Angular Cheilitis?

If your case is caused by a fungal infection or vitamin deficiency, Neosporin will probably not cure your cracked lips.

If, however, your trouble began with a bacterial infection on the lips, this treatment may work for you.

Neosporin is an antibacterial topical ointment that can be purchased over the counter. This medication is marketing as being used for minor injuries, scratches and burns.

This is NOT a scientifically proven treatment for mouth cracks, however, it does work for some cases.

Neosporin can usually be purchased at any drug store, convenience store or grocery store and is around $5 per tube.

You can also purchase the generic or store brand of this product as well and achieve the same results. There is also an overnight neosporin product that you may want to check out.

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Why Does it Help?

The active ingredient in Neosporin is Bacitracin, this same active ingredient can be found in the store brand treatments as well so they should be just as effective. You can also purchase regular Neosporin plus pain relief.

If you go with the pain relief variety, you are getting the added benefit of dulling the pain you are likely feeling due to the corners of your lips being cracked.

If you have pain associated with your symptoms, we definitely recommend going for the cream with the added benefit of pain relief.

How Fast Does it Work?

Neosporin has also come out with an overnight renewal therapy specifically designed for the lips. While this is not marketed as an neosporin for angular cheilitis, it does promise to heal and renew the look and feel of your lips within three days.

This product contains vitamins and moisturizers that help to replenish and refresh your lips as you sleep. This is a good product for any case, regardless of origin, as it helps to soothe and heal the damage that has already been done.

Applying the product is easy. You can begin to see healing results by applying a small amount to the infected areas every few hours for several days until your lips are damage free.

We recommend applying these creams generously to your lips before you go to bed at night and letting it work overnight.

Whether or not you will see results is tough to say. We recommend that you first find out what is causing this condition in the first place and then determining the best course of action accordingly.

We do, however, think that trying Neosporin is a good option regardless because it is effective with treating skin irritations and can help get your lips looking and feeling better within days.