Angular Cheilitis Medication

The right angular cheilitis medication for you and your specific case will vary greatly depending on the root cause of your condition. This oral issue can be caused by a number of different things, so pinpointing one medication to treat them all can be difficult.

angular cheilitis medication

The only proven over the counter medication that has been scientifically engineered to treat and cure all cases of this condition is Angular Cheilitis Free Forever. This is a PDF document that shows you exactly what to do. You can get it instantly and money back if it doesn’t work.

There are several other angular cheilitis medications that can be used to treat the symptoms associated with this condition, but they will likely not cure it forever.

Effective Angular Cheilitis Medication

If your case is caused by a bacterial infection, a topical antibiotic is going to be your best bet for effective treatment. You can get a topical antibiotic either over the counter or by prescription from your doctor.

If you are looking to treat your condition yourself with over the counter medication, the most commonly used topical antibiotic for a bacterial infection on the skin is Neosporin. Neosporin helps to soothe the irritated skin, prevent the bacteria from spreading and keep the area moisturized.

Neosporin can be purchased almost anywhere-online or in your local drug store or supermarket and is a very affordable treatment. It’s an angular cheilitis cream, and we put together an extensive list of them for you to explore.

If your condition is fungal in nature, you will want to pick up an antifungal cream. Again, antifungal creams can be found over the counter or can be prescribed to you by your doctor. Antifungal creams will help to kill the fungal infection on your lips.

The most common antifungal angular cheilitis medication cream available over the counter that we see used is Lotrimin. Many sufferers of this condition whose problem is rooted in a fungal infection have found Lotrimin to be a success in treating their cracked lips.

Like, Neosporin, Lotrimin can be found most anywhere including online and in your local stores. Lotrimin is also a very affordable option for angular cheilitis medication.

What if You Have a Nutritional Deficiency?

If the onset of your specific case was brought on by a nutritional deficiency, your treatment may look a little different. First, in this case you will definitely want to consult with your doctor to find out what exactly is causing your cracked, bleeding lips.

In these cases, your doctor will likely recommend a dietary supplement or nutritional change in your diet to help cure this condition. You will still likely want to be using some angular cheilitis medications to help soothe and ease your symptoms in the meantime while your body adjusts.

If you have discovered that your condition is the result of a vitamin deficiency and you are working to correct that issue, you will still need to deal with the cracked and bleeding lips. The main goal is to keep your lips moisturized and not to allow the condition to get worse.

What You Need to Do

We suggest applying petroleum jelly regularly to your lips to create a protective seal over the sores and keep any excess moisture out. Applying cool cucumber slices to your lips will help to soothe any pain you are feeling, reduce swelling and redness.

Also, staying sufficiently hydrated and making sure to eat clean, natural foods that are non-irritating in nature will also help you in the healing process. It is best to avoid any foods or drinks that are spicy, hot or corrosive as they can worsen or inflame your condition.

While there are many angular cheilitis medications out there, it is best to first understand where your problem began and why so that you can find the best treatment for your specific case.