Angular Cheilitis Causes

The causes of angular stomatitis can vary. There is not one specific reason, but there are several factors that can enhance it.

Not knowing what the cracks in your lips are, where they came from and why can cause some serious anxiety.

We are here to help you understand the causes of angular cheilitis.

Reasons Why You Might Have Angular Cheilitis

There are two main causes of this undesirable condition; fungal infections and vitamin deficiency.

angular cheilitis causes

There are also several risk factors that can make you more prone to developing this condition.

Risk factors that can contribute to your chances of developing this condition include:

Down Syndrome:

Individuals with Down Syndrome often suffer from Muscular Hypotonia which can prompt some to keep their mouths open with their tongues protruding.

This can cause the sides of the mouth to pool with saliva and become irritated easily.

Dry Mouth:

Individuals who suffer from dry mouth are also at higher risk for developing these mouth cracks.

Dry mouth can be caused by dehydration, uncontrolled health conditions like diabetes and certain medication prescribed by your doctor.

Autoimmune Disorders:

Some autoimmune disorders can cause these mouth cracks because the body is already compromised, leading to higher instances of this condition.

Nutritional Deficiencies:

Many researchers believe that a lack of sufficient amounts of iron in the body is the leading reason why you may have stomatitis.

Many believe that a lack of iron causes a decrease in immunity.

Insufficient amounts of vitamin B and Zinc have also been linked to this oral condition because of the roles that these two play in the health of our immune system.


Age can be a major risk factor when it comes to angular cheilitis causes.

Elderly are at a higher risk for developing this condition because their immune systems tend to compromised for one reason or another, making it difficult to fight off infections.

What if I don't Have Those Risk Factors?

With all of this being said, you can have none of the above mentioned risk factors and still develop this condition.

There are many factors that contribute to stomatitis. This condition is not cut and dry and there is still a lot for medical professionals to learn and understand.

We tend to see a spike in cases in the winter months when our lips are chapped and dry.

Applying excessive lip balm or constantly licking your lips the corners of your mouth can lead to the onset of this condition.

Another possible reason is sugar. Candida yeast, which causes bacterial infections actually feeds on sugar.

If you have a severe sweet tooth and find that the corners of your mouth are cracking, this may be caused your by sugar intake.

It is tough to pinpoint one key cause of this condition as much depends on the individual person, their health and lifestyle.

Many people can suffer from cracks in corner of mouth vitamin deficiency. For those of you that fall under this category, you should consider changing your diet right now!

What's Causing Your Angular Cheilitis?

Angular cheilitis causes often have a lot to do with underlying health or immune system conditions.

If this is the case, consultation with a medical professional is advised.

Similarly, there may be other parts of the body that are being affected by a weakened immune system and required medical attention.

Recurrent cases of this condition is also an indicator that something else more serious needs to be addressed before your cracked lips will be able to fully heal and repair for good.

There are many treatment options this infection, but it may take some time and research to discover the root of each individual case.