Angular Cheilitis Healing Stages

Is there such a thing as angular cheilitis healing stages? This is a question I had when I diagnosed myself with this infection. Our informational site will help you find out what’s to come.

First of all, you should make sure to treat whatever stage you are in so it doesn’t spread.

angular cheilitis healing stages

The Main Angular Cheilitis Healing Stages

Depending where you are in the process, there are some stages that you should be aware of.


The worst possible case is chronic angular cheilitis. If you fall under this case and you are applying treatment, you will most likely see improvements, but it will re-appear over time.

Sometimes months can go by and you will start to see less cracks in your lips and the corners of your mouth. The pain will decrease and you’ll start to feel much better.

However, with a chronic illness, the symptoms will come back unless you use specific treatment for angular cheilitis. Home remedies and creams will help decrease the symptoms, but will unlikely solve the problem.


How do you know if you are in the severe stage? Well, if your mouth is in pain when you talk, eat or touch it, you most likely have a severe case of the infection.

You can try Neosporin and other creams but it won’t guide you through the angular cheilitis healing stages.

I had a severe case of it. It was so difficult to find a treatment that actually worked. It was a major breakthrough because I invested so much time and money through research and testing.

When I finally found the right treatment that worked for me, all I wanted to do was share the idea.

When I did find it, I shared it with a few other people that had the same issue. The best part is that I helped others find a cure for angular cheilitis. Treatment that works is hard to find, that’s why I want to pour it out and share it with you.

When Do You Start to Feel Better?


For a mild case, you will find that there is discomfort and tightness in the corners of your mouth. It will hurt when you try to open your mouth up wide.

In addition, you will see redness and flaky skin in the corners of your mouth.

Most importantly, if you don’t treat this right away, you could develop a severe case of the infection.

I recommend the same product that worked for me, regardless of what angular cheilitis healing stages you’re in.

Certainly you should at least try a cream to help with the pain and decrease the symptoms.


When you’re in this stage you will only have flaky skin in the corners of your mouth. Likewise, you’ll have some discomfort, but not as much as the previous healing stage.

Keep a close eye on it and treat it with the creams that are made for this type of infection.

In conclusion, we hope you fight through it and heal properly so you don’t feel this pain anymore. Just know that you’re not alone, many people are experiencing the same discomfort right now. It will heal if you use the proper treatment.

One thing you need to understand is that every case is different. That’s why we put together a “treatment” page to share ideas of what worked with others and to show you products that may work for you.

The key is to keep trying NATURAL products to reduce the symptoms, and then keep seeking to understand what will help you.

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