What Is Angular Cheilitis?

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how-to-cure-angular-cheilitisAngular Cheilitis can be a nasty, uncomfortable condition, particularly if you are young, or in-firmed  The condition causes inflammation at the corners of the mouth – usually on both sides, although in some cases just in one corner – and this can, in turn, lead to deep cracks or fissures which will become very painful if left untreated. In severe cases bleeding can occur and shallow ulcers may form along with a nasty, unsightly crust.

Who’s At Risk?

The condition itself is usually caused by a fungal  infection, but other contributing factors include bacterial infection and recent studies have even shown that it can also sometimes be attributed to nutritional deficiencies brought about by poor diet or malnutrition. Obviously, with such a wide range of contributing factors, the condition can prove difficult to get rid of and, if not treated effectively, it can actually lead to further complications.

Surprisingly, people who suffer from bulimia or other weight related disorders, particularly people who tend to vomit a lot are also particularly at risk of developing Angular Cheilitis. Elderly people tend to develop it as they lose their teeth and the mouth overhangs causing folds to appear at the corners. These folds of skin  become susceptible to fungal infections of this kind.

dentures-300x200Even wearing dentures can cause the condition to develop. In fact, recent studies have indicated that wearing false teeth is a particularly common reason for people developing the condition. It is believed that Angular Cheilitis develops in these cases because the upper jaw muscles  are not supported correctly by dentures and this leads, in turn, to a  moisture accumulating at the corners of the mouth. As I discussed earlier, bacteria and fungal infections love these warm, dark, moist places so its not long before they take up home!

Environmental factors also play a part in the development of the condition with mild cases being caused by things such as cold weather. Many of us have, at some time or other, probably suffered from chapped lips. If you are one of those unlucky people, then you might be shocked to discover that you have actually been suffering from Cheilitis, not just from a simple case of chapped skin. That explains why, when you lick your lips to keep them moist, it actually makes them feel worse. The reason is that you are actually spreading the fungal infection that cases the problem. Bet you didn’t know that, as they say!

How Do You Treat It?

As I mentioned above, treatment really depends on what caused the condition in the first place. Simple cases can be cured by applying anti-fungal creams or a gentle topical antibiotic but, if you prefer to use natural remedies, then there are several very effective ones that give great results. Some of these even bring relief overnight – if that sounds interesting then click on the link below to:

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If you are anemic then you should take iron supplements. Not only will this help your overall condition but it will also help to prevent AC, because yet another contributory factor in this condition is iron deficiency. See, I said it would be difficult to pin down the exact reason!

When you are outdoors, remember to stay warm and dry, and avoid exposure to the elements. Not only is this sensible advice to keep you free from viral infections and colds, but it also prevents Angular Cheilitis. If you spend a lot of time outdoors consider using a barrier cream such as petroleum jelly applied around your lips. This will prevent cracking and keep them moist without allowing them to become wet and infected. Also, don’t allow saliva to dry around the corners of your mouth because this can lead to infection.


Although the condition can be irritating and look horrible, its not actually all that serious; probably not any more so than a fungal infection in your toenails or jock itch. There are also a number of very effective cures but, one slight drawback is that some of them can be expensive and a lot of the commercial ones use fairly yeuchy chemicals and creams which taste awful and can lead, in some cases, to further complications.

Of course, like most things, it makes sense to consult your doctor before doing anything . Chances are, though, they will simply recommend an anti-fungal or anti-bacterial cream, but, as we have said, this doesn’t suit everybody. Apart from anything else, these creams can take weeks to work and, in some cases may have no effect whatsoever. That’s why its a great idea, to try and find out more about curing the condition naturally, using drug-free products that work quickly and efficiently. If you would like to know more about how to do this, then just click the link below:

Home Remedies For Angular Cheilitis

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home-remedies-2-300x229Angular Cheilitis is a nasty condition which is usually the result of a Candida-type infection around the corners of the mouth. It can be particularly bad in older people or people who wear dentures. Although hardly a life threatening condition it is, nevertheless unpleasant, unsightly and, if left untreated, it can worsen to the point where it causes real pain and embarrassment.

There are, as you might expect, a number of over the counter remedies for the condition, but many of these use unpleasant chemicals and can be quite expensive. These days, more and more people are looking for natural remedies for conditions such as Angular Cheilitis, so I decided to do a quick bit of research to find out what you can do to clear the condition up without resorting to the drugstore.

As it turns out, there are quite a few herbal remedies and some decent household remedies which are very effective at getting rid of the condition, and whats more, many of them clear it up quicker than over the counter products. That’s why you should never believe the drug companies hype and marketing – they do spend an awful lot of money on marketing these kinds of products (maybe its because we all spend a lot of money on getting rid of conditions like AC) – and, instead you should try and use some of the freely available, and natural products that I will now discuss.

Start With Your Diet
The first thing that you can do, is not to use a product but, instead, alter your diet! Most people in Western civilizations have a fairly poor diet. That’s not to say we are all starving (just the opposite in fact) but our diets are usually lacking in the essential vitamins and minerals that we need for a healthy lifestyle. I’m not really a fan of vitamin supplements – although they do work, but rather, I would recommend something called sub-lingual liquid vitamins.

These vitamins are easily absorbed into the body and easier for many people to take. They gave the added benefit of being faster working which is good. Prices are about the same as normal vitamin pills so there’s not really much of a disadvantage to using them.

Vitamin B2 – also known as Riboflavin has been shown to deal with AC very effectively but, of course, if you don’t like vitamin supplements then you can always eat more mushrooms, spinach, milk or nuts which are rich in vitamin B2.

Other powerful home remedies include aloe vera which is available in a range of creams and gels, honey, petroleum jelly and even simple medicated lip balm.

However, the more potent medications are those that will be advised by your dermatologist and these can include topical So far, any medication that contains these elements can be considered a sure and easy way on how to treat Angular cheilitis.

Topical anti-fungal creams creams can reduce the fungal infection by killing the fungus that is on the skin. Look out for creams that contain antifungal medications that contain triamcinolone, nystatin, and acetoide.It also relieves the itching, inflammation and rawness of the affected skin. However, you must know the proper application of the cream because basically any topical cream intended to treat wounds contains steroids so avoid ingesting it or else you can experience bad side effects. How to treat Angular cheilitis once you have the cream should be done with great cautions. Topical ointments that have steroids are not also applicable for children’s use.

Topical creams can also be very useful in the fight against AC. One topical cream Even honey, can aid in bringing the condition under control. I am an advocate of home remedies and natural cures, so I really don’t approve of doctor prescribed medications. This is why I underwent the above treatments to get my angular cheilitis under control. A combination of B vitamins, Honey and topical creams seemed to be the winning combination for me, but everyone’s body is different.

What Causes Angular Cheilitis

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Angular Cheilitis is a skin complaint caused by a fungal infection called Candida. Because its a fungal infection, the problem can prove very difficult to get rid of, especially if you simply choose to do nothing and ignore it. Of course, there are over the counter cures available but these can be expensive and, sometimes, they aren’t even that effective. The main question that we will be consider in this post is ‘what are the causes of Angular Cheilitis’ but we will also discuss what the symptoms are.

Most folks I know prefer to seek out natural cures for Angular Cheilitis, so here are some of my top tips for combating this problem.

The most obvious symptom of the condition is that cracks appear at the corners of the mouth. If not treated quickly these cracks can spread , deepen and even start to bleed. As you can imagine, they can become quite painful. Like most medical conditions, its best to catch and deal with the symptoms at the earliest possible stage. Although Angular Cheilitis is not life threatening, it can be very uncomfortable, and even lead to complications further down the line if not treated quickly and effectively.

As I mentioned above the cause of the problem is a a fungal infection similar to that of athletes foot. This fungal infection likes to live and grow in damp, dark areas, and so the folds around the corners of the mouth make an ideal place for it to take hold and spread. Angular Cheilitis can be caused by vitamin B and iron deficiencies, by excess salivation and even by prolonged periods of vomiting. Normally, it can be stopped fairly easily by taking steps such as adding vitamin B12 rich food into your daily diet.

The best cure will, of course, depend on what the root cause of your particular condition is.

Another less obvious cause of angular cheilitis is excessive drooling. During the drooling, saliva seeps out from the corners of the mouth and causes excessive moisture to build up. Excessive moisture caused by this saliva builds an environment that’s perfect for the growth of fungal infection i.e. Candida. Basically, the bacteria loves dampness and star to multiply quickly. One of the best natural cures for this condition is actually thought to be ginger. One natural treatment involving ginger is to take a 1″ ginger stick and boil it in a cup of water for 3-4 minutes. You should then drink the solution twice a day over the period of a month or more until the drooling stops. Ginger can be an acquired taste, however, but you can alter the taste to suit by adding sugar or even salt to your own requirements.

It goes without saying that one of the major causes of Angular Cheilitis is poor personal hygiene. The cleanliness of your hands in particular is very important when trying to stop the spread of Angular Cheilitis, especially during the early stages of the condition. You should always use good quality antibacterial soap or liquid hand-wash and be sure to wash your hands several times a day. You should also use lukewarm water to wash the infected area; don’t use any soap on this area as it will make the condition worse. Using a gentle approach such as this will enable you to clear up the condition with the minimum amount of pain and fuss.

Angular Cheilitis looks bad and can be painful but, luckily, its also quite easy to clear up. If you find that your Cheilitis starts blistering and some of the methods discussed above don’t word, then you may need to take more direct action. Luckily, I have found a very good guide that shows you how to clear up Angular Cheilitis using only safe and easily obtainable natural ingredients. Click on the link below to find out more information

Chapped Lips Treatment

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chappedlipsOne of the conditions that often accompanies, or is sometimes even confused with AC is chapped lips. This is a very common condition that is most prevalent during the winter because of the cold , dry weather. If you suffer from dry, chapped lips you will also know that your lips will also start cracking and can become quite painful if you don’t take some remedial action. Its often caused by the evaporation of moisture from the lips and, therefore, as you might expect, many of the most effective chapped lips treatments involve ways of keeping your lips moisturised.

Dont Lick Your Lips!

Many people believe that licking your lips will cure the problem, but, in fact, this is completely wrong and will actually make your chapped lips worse. Its a natural reaction to lick dry,chapped lips and it may even bring about a temporary respite, albeit for a few minutes, but because you are applying your saliva to the outer part of the skin, it will evaporate quickly leaving your lips even drier than before.

In addition, most people aren’t aware of the fact that saliva also contains enzymes that actually make the situation much worse.

So, in short, don’t lick your dry chapped lips if you want them to get better!



If you have a cold, or if you are a heavy snorer you may find that chapped lips are also a problem. This is because these conditions tend to make you breath more through your mouth, thus drying out your lips.

If this is a problem, then try applying some decongestant ointment under your nose before going to bed at night or, alternatively, you could try applying ‘sleep-strips’ which are an over-the-counter anti-snoring remedy. These are cheap and effective and completely hypo-allergenic.


Everyone should be aware of the dangers of execessive exposure to the sun these days, but this doesn’t stop most of us spending as much time as we can outdoors sun-bathing. If you simply have to top up your tan then make sure that you wear a suitable lip balm with built in sunscreen. This will keep your lips moisturised and also prevent them drying out and burning.


Some toothpastes and mouthwashes contain chemicals which can cause chapped lips in some people. Tartar-control toothpaste is a particular problem so, if you normally use this then you might consider simply brushing with baking powder which will offer the same benefits without the nasty side-effects (Its also a lot cheaper as well). Interestingly, using baking soda can also help protect your teeth against cavities and help to whiten the teeth.


AC and chapped lips can also be brought about by a vitamin B deficiency. Luckily, this is easily remedied either by taking a suitable vitamin supplement, or, as a better option, you can eat more tasty foods such as eggs, cheese,meat and whole-grains which are high in Vitamin B and also liver and kidneys which are rich in iron.


Of course, all of the above advice is great if you are trying to prevent chapped lips but what if you are already suffering from them? Well, luckily, the condition can usually be quite easily cured. The best solution is simply to use a suitable lip balm – there are loads of them available,and some even come in a range of yummy flavors. Make sure that you keep your lip balm applied constantly, especially after meals or after drinking. While I’m on the subject of drinking, its also important that you remain hydrated so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day or, if your condition is particulary severe or keeps recurring you could even think about adding a room humidifier to keep the air around you moist.

Chapped lips treatment is, luckily, simple, cheap and usually very effective. Just make sure that you avoid licking your lips, use a suitable lip balm and stick to a healthy diet.

Angular Cheilitis and Tea Tree Oil

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